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We provide patients with excellent and personalized healthcare using traditional Chinese medical techniques; including acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, smokeless moxibustion, Qi Gong, & Tai Chi.


  • The first time I met Dr. Ma I had recently had a stress related heart attack. After just a few acupuncture treatments I noticed a calmness that had come over me. Now after a year of receiving treatments from her I am also having less pain from migraines and arthritis. Dr. Ma has one of the kindness souls. You know she cares about you from the moment you meet her. I always feel so comfortable with her and always look forward to my next appointment. I have referred many of my friends to Dr. Ma and they all feel the same way about her.
    — Michal Oplotnik
  • I came to see Dr. Ma after traditional western medicine did not work for me. I had back surgery 2 ½ years ago and in November 2015 began to experience severe back spasms. After 12 weeks of physical therapy and 2 steroid injections, I was still experiencing spasms. I met Dr. Ma and after 7 visits in 5 weeks, I am pain free. I am also experiencing better sleep and more energy. In addition she is also addressing my skin rash issues and high blood pressure. Dr. Ma is very thorough at providing a detailed explanation about the acupuncture procedure and the results that the patient should expect. At each appointment, she reviews the last appointment, discusses your results and develops a plan for the current appointment. It is obvious that Dr. Ma’s goal is to heal the patient.
    — Susan Higganbotham
  • Before I met Dr. Ma I had just found out I had a couple of fractured vertebrae in my lower back. The doctor at the orthopedic clinic that discovered this said the fractures were old and and not mending but there was really nothing that could be done. I realized that the fractures probably happened in a fall that happened 5 months before. I was experiencing a lot of back pain so I came to Dr. Ma for help and almost immediately she gave me hope. Now after many acupuncture treatments my back pain is much less and emotionally I feel much better. Last month I visited the orthopedic surgeon to see how my back was healing. They took some x-rays and saw that the fractures were healed. I told the doctor about the acupuncture treatments and he said it must be working well and advised me to keep on getting them. On a personal note I want to say that Dr. Ma is very personable and passionate about her work. She cares about patients and it really shows. She made me feel important and took care of me both physically and emotionally.
    — Dottie Cohen (age 69)
  • I broke my back in 2007 and my shoulder in 2008. I've been dealing with back and shoulder pain since. Nothing my family doctor was doing helped. Since I have been getting acupuncture weekly my pain level had been reduced greatly. I rarely feel the need to take ibuprofen now and before I was taking it several times a day. I highly recommend it! Dr. Ma is wonderful!
    — Julie Free